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P-51 Mustang

Charlies Buff11.JPG
Six Shooter4.JPG

The North American P-51 Mustang was the premier long range escort fighter of World War II.  Over 15,000 were built between 1940 and 1945 and saw action in every theatre of the war.

Our replica is scaled to the actual plane and feature the familiar details such as the twelve exhaust stacks to its Rolls-Royce Merlin engine, air scoop, four blade Hamilton propeller and six-pack instrument panel.


Our kits come with your choice of the following decal sets.  We can also create custom decal sets with your pilots name, buzz letters or tail numbers for an additional charge.

Ain't Misbehavin                           American Beauty

  Bald Eagle                                         Betty Jane

Big Beautiful Doll                                Crazy Horse

      Cripes A'Mighty                          Cripes A'Mighty 3rd

      Detroit Miss                                 Double Trouble II

Red Tails "Duchess Arlene"             Dove of Peace

   Galveston Gal                                 Gentleman Jim

Glamorous Glen III                               Gunfighter

      Lady Jo                                           Little Horse

 Merlin's Magic                                    Miss America

 Never Miss                                         Old Crow

Ole Red Nose                                   Paul I

Red Tails "By Request"               Ridge Runner III

    Shangri-La                                    Six Shooter

        Sizzlin' Liz                            Slender, Tender & Tall

     Tar Heel                                      Trusty Rusty

Twilight Tear                                      Val Halla

Wee Willy II

All decal sets are available for purchase as well - see below.

Our P-51 Mustang kit is $375 plus shipping.

P-40 Tomahawk

P-40 w Devil Dog.JPG
P-40 Hangar.JPG

The Curtiss P-40 Tomahawk was produced in different variants from 1938 through 1944.  The planes were made famous by the American Volunteer Group known as the "Flying Tigers" defending China prior to America's entry into the war in 1941. 

The Puddlejump Squadron's P-40 captures the details of the real plane with molded cowlings, twelve exhaust stacks of the Allison V-12 engine, and six-pack instrument cluster.

The following decal sets are available, and we can do others by request:

American Volunteer Group (AVG) - Lt. Col. Charles "Chuck" Older Flying Tiger #68

American Volunteer Group (AVG) - Major David Lee "Tex" Hill Flying Tiger #48

Texas Flying Legends - P-40E "Texas Warhawk"

Warbird Adventures "American Dream"

The Erickson Collections P-40E

All decal sets are available for purchase as well.

Our P-40 Tomahawk kit is $375 plus shipping.

PT-17 Stearman Kaydet/ Navy N2S Yellow Peril

Picture 001.jpg

The Stearman (Boeing) PT-19 Kaydet was used by the Army Air Corps and Navy N2S "Yellow Peril"as a primary training aircraft for pilots before transitioning into fighters and bombers.  They were sold to the public after the war to continue to train the next generation.

Our replica includes a six cylinder radial engine, wing hand grips, and six-pack instrument decals.

We have standard decal sets for both the U.S. Army Kaydet and Navy/Marines N2S

All decal sets are available for purchase as well.

Our Stearman kit is $425 plus shipping.

Decal Sets and Spare Parts

We sell individual pages and complete decal sets.  We also custom design decals for any of our planes for an additional charge.  Keep in mind that our decals come on a standard 8.5 x 11 sheet of decal paper.  Anything larger than that will need to be painted (stripes, checkerboard, etc.).  Most of our decal sets for the Mustang and Tomahawk are five pages,  the Stearman decal sets are three pages.  Our decals are $5.00/sheet plus shipping.

Please let us know If you don't see a plane you would like to replicate.  Many of our customers have pictures of planes that they or their relatives flew.  We would be happy to design a set for you.  Please send us a picture of both sides of it they are available.   Custom decals are priced at estimated hourly rates and most can be done under an hour.


Our more popular replacement parts are available as follows + shipping:

Standard Decal Sheet                                 $5.00


Drive belt Pulley:                                         $4.00


Plastic Spinners & backing plate               $20.00


Aluminum Sets:

                P-51 Mustang                              $35.00

                P-40 Tomahawk                           $20.00

                PT-17 Stearman                           Unavailable as they are fit for the specific kit.


Windshields                                                 $7.00


Plastic Intake Cowlings

                P-51 Mustang                              $20.00

                P-40 Tomahawk                           $20.00

Plastic Tomahawk Cowlings

                Upper                                           $35.00

                Lower                                           $20.00

Other individual kit parts are priced upon request. 

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