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Our Mission... enable our customers to build heirloom quality pedal planes which replicate the finest aircraft of the World War II era. 


  We strive to capture the details and features of authentic World War II aircraft to inspire the young and to pay tribute to  the heroes that flew them.

Our kits fill the gap for those that don’t have the time to find all of the hardware or expensive tools to cut, mill, form, weld or sand the required parts.

About Us

Puddlejump Squadron was started in 2005 when we took our first model, the PT-17 Stearman, to a local airshow.  Aircraft enthusiasts we met wanted to purchase one.  We began making turn-key planes, but could not keep up with the demand.  Pedal plane fans expressed an interest in other models.  Soon, we added the P-51 Mustang and the P-40 Tomahawk which completes our collection.

About the Kits

The kit is complete with everything necessary to build one plane with the exception of glue, primer and paint supplies as that depends on the model you choose to build.  It also includes decal sets that re-create many versions still flying today.  The completed plane is fully functional with pedals that turn the wheels and propeller simultaneously.  A control stick actuates the tail wheel to allow for about an 8" turning diameter.  It looks incredibly realistic in action. 


The kit includes a cd containing the assembly instructions with about a hundred pictures of every step of the process.  All of the parts are cut, drilled, routed, pre-sanded and numbered to correspond with the instructions.  There are no special tools required to build it, but you will need a drill with 1/8" and 1/4" bits, screw drivers and standard sized wrenches.  A palm sander helps for the paint preparation, but is not required.


The estimated time to build one is 12-14 hours to assemble (not including glue or paint drying times), then another 5 to 20 hours to paint depending on the paint scheme you choose.  It is basically a very good two to three weekend project.

P-51 Mustang

P-40 Tomahawk

PT-17 Stearman

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